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As an Association we have large and varied amount of experience amongst our members, from retired professional seaman, from Extra Master Mariner downwards, to RYA Yacht Masters in sail and power, professional marine engineers and surveyors, and member with long experience of the River Dart itself, boat handling, marine engines and electronics, canoeing and kayaking, traditional seamanship skills with rope and canvas, and many others.​

Following a member survey, which showed a significant demand for the TBA to provide training, the TBA Executive Committee has decided to appoint a Training Coordinator.

Please take a look at our Training Events Calendar, here.


Ed Hounsell

TBA Training Coordinator
Training vision:

"What I hope to do is connect that knowledge and experience with members wanting to enhance their own knowledge and skills, through different types of training or knowledge sharing events, including taught shore-based theory courses, seminars, lectures, ad hoc events, practical training sessions both ashore and afloat, coaching or ‘buddying’, and online resources we might link to, or produce for ourselves. We may also buy in training where there is sufficient demand."

What training could we offer?

The sorts of training we might undertake in different ways might include:

  • Basic navigation (shore-based, modular, & consistent with RYA Day Skipper).

  • First Aid certification.

  • Getting started in canoeing/kayaking/paddle-boarding

  • Advanced navigation (shore-based , modular, & consistent with RYA Yacht Master)

  • Electronic navigation.

  • The River Dart, routes, tides, and regulations.

  • Maintaining hulls, fittings, outboards and inboards.

  • Seamanship skills.

  • Boat electrics and electronics.

  • Boat handling in river waters (theory and practical)

  • Astronavigation – not of immediate use on the Dart, but maybe of interest to some.

  • Marine radio, including GMDSS Short Range Certificate (DSC/VHF)

If we can be a place where we have the intent and the means to share knowledge, skills, interests and concerns with each other and perhaps the wider community, we can make our association even better and more helpful to our great variety of members.

To get things rolling, please do let me know if you’d be willing to share your knowledge, interests and enthusiasm with your fellow members, and/or if you’re interested in getting some training. In either case it’d be useful great to know what the subject area would be. I’ll aim to get back to everyone within a week or so to find out more and to confirm what we would be able to do with a view to producing a schedule in the next few weeks, to give us all something to do during those long winter’s evenings!

Training Coordinator

Training Needs & Ideas

Thanks - our Training Coordinator will be in touch soon.

Training Form
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