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We have moorings for 55 boats on the river Dart at Totnes for our members. There split into 2 areas - mainstream (from the clubhouse to the bridge) & above the bridge.


Boats up to 8m (26ft) can be accommodated, provided that they can sit on the river bed at low tide.​ You must be a member to be considered for a mooring.

Trot Moorings

All our moorings are trots requiring access by dinghy. Some of the moorings dry out at low tide.

A trot mooring is one where the boat is secured by warps (ropes with shackles) to buoys fore and aft. The buoys are secured by chains to the river bed. You will need to access your mooring by dinghy.

We have a slipway and storage for dinghies conveniently situated alongside the clubhouse.


Moorings Allocated to Members

As a member and subject to the waiting list - you may moor your boat during the summer (April - Oct) on a mooring allocated to you by the Moorings & Boat Park Co-ordinator.


Once a mooring is allocated, you are guaranteed that the club will reserve a mooring for you as long as you remain a full member, although this will not necessarily be the same mooring you start with.


All Dart Harbour & Navigation Authority mooring fees and harbour dues are covered, so you will have nothing extra to pay to DHNA. We will issue you with DHNA stickers for both your boat and tender - these must be prominently displayed.

Mooring Waiting List

For our members, we try hard to accommodate every request for a mooring, providing the boat meets our criteria. In recent years we have not had to turn anyone away, but we cannot guarantee a mooring will be available for you until we see, at the start of each summer season, how many applications we have and how many moorings are free.


The smaller your boat is, the better your chances. Moorings for larger boats are always in demand and are allocated on the basis of length of membership. There is a waiting list system - please contact us for more information.

Renewal of memberships, moorings and boat/trailer/dinghy storage is all managed through our WebCollect system (external site).

Mooring Waiting List
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