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Boat Buddy Mentoring Scheme

The Boat Buddy scheme is there to put members who want to improve their practical boat handling skills, or just to increase their own confidence, in touch with experienced members who are happy to help.


The TBA is not an RYA Training Centre. This is a voluntary scheme and users are making a private arrangement between members, not with the club. In the old car park phrase “we accept no liability, express or implied”.


If you want to get some on-board mentoring or advice, just have a look through the profiles of members offering assistance and make contact directly.


Wishing you safe and happy boating!


If you’re a member who wants to assist others through the Boat Buddy Mentoring scheme, and feel you have the knowledge and experience to do so, please contact Geof.


Geof Talbot

TBA Training Coordinator

Our Volunteer "Mentors"

Ian's Background & Experience:

"I’ve been a TBA member all my life. My father was a founder member. I learnt to sail on the river and have owned various boats, both sail and motor for many years. I currently own a Westerly Griffon ll. I started my career at sea as a navigating officer in 1969 on refrigerated cargo ships but changed to large tugs/anchor handling vessels for the oil industry in 1978. I retired from the MN 10 years ago.

As I retired 10 years ago my professional licences are no longer current as continued use and revalidation is required to remain current. However I held a C.O.C. of Chief Mate Unlimited under STCW Reg ll/2, GMDSS General Operator’s Certificate, Medical Care Certification and all sorts of other industry specific certification.

I’m happy to help other members with both sail and motor, bearing in mind that my training is not RYA based so would be of a general advice nature".

Martin's Background & Experience:

"I'm 70 years young and learned to sail in dinghies and on the Norfolk Broads (gaff rigs) before completing RYA Day Skipper in May 1986 with the East Anglian School of Sailing, and went on to skipper Yacht Cruising Association Yachts around the Greek Islands and from Marmaris to Bodrum in Turkey.  Then moved into flying with c.1,000 hours logged!


About 10 years ago I returned to sailing and became a Sea Cadet Instructor in Seamanship and Navigation.  During this time I renewed my Day Skipper theory and went on some offshore voyages, including 38ft Trade Wind from Holyhead to Falmouth via the East Coast of Ireland; with some friends sailed the West Coast of Scotland in a 38ft Barvaria and through work had several voyages on The Spirit of Fairbridge usually based on the river (92ft gaff rigged schooner) operating around Oban  – the most notable being repositioning from Liverpool to Southampton.  I have also done a little boating (power and sail) around Vancouver Island.


About 7 years ago I bought a 26ft Newbridge Pioneer Pilot lying Totnes and have been a member of the TBA ever since.  Now we prefer to enjoy fine weather, the river Dart, popping out into the bay in suitable weather combining a little fishing with sailing and short coastal trips.


In addition I started Power Boating and am now qualified as a RYA Power Boat Instructor (Level 2 and safety boat) and have provided safety boat for the sea cadets on the Solent, Weymouth Bay and at their local boating facilities on the River Avon and at Upton Warren.


I am very happy to share my knowledge and experience with other club members, particularly those just starting out or who just want to share time on the water.


Please contact me for further information".

Chris' Background & Experience:

"I have had an active professional life at sea specialising in Landing and Small Craft for the best part of 20 years.  I have undertaken a lot of nautical and maritime activities around the world, in all weather conditions day and night, so do have experience in most areas and plenty of salty dits. I have spent most of my professional career in motor craft and power boats, but I am also a proficient sailor (I have a small sailing boat at the TBA) where a lot of the nautical methodology is interchangeable, in particular key requirements including advanced navigation (day and night), tide, pilotage, blind pilotage, GPS, radar, VHF radio etc". 


Chris' qualifications include:

  • RYA / MCA Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster Offshore (Shore based only)

  • RYA Practical Motor Cruiser (Coastal Skipper Tidal)

  • RYA Practical Sailing (Day Skipper)

  • RYA Power Boat (Advanced)

  • RYA Dinghy

  • Kayak

  • Marine Engines (outboard petrol / inboard diesel)

Ed's Background & Experience:

"I had a few weeks sailing on Army cruisers including British Steel and then taught myself to sail my dinghy on Strangford Lough. I was the Commodore of Exeter University Sailing Club sailing Larks on the Exe and introduced many students to sailing. I did Yachtmaster Theory and then for the practical I bought my Contessa and sailed two handed to the Azores and Portugal. I worked 4 years in shallow marine seismic survey in Abu Dhabi, Nigeria and Iraq using assorted small boats and hovercraft. I designed and built marine electronics for monitoring ships, ports, oil rigs and offshore wind turbines for the last 40 years.


An engineer by trade and able to fix most mechanical or electrical problems. I'm more biased towards sailing as I like the peace and quiet and getting things set up just right".

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