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Totnes Boating Association

We're a friendly boat club in Totnes, at the head of the River Dart.


Join Our Club

We encourage and support all sorts of boating from our base in Totnes. Founded in 1955, we have 55 moorings, with a clubhouse, boat park, slipway, tender storage & a pontoon.


The clubhouse has a bar and a sunny terrace overlooking the river and is the focus for many social activities, including summer barbecues, club meals, music nights and quizzes.


You don't need to keep a boat in Totnes to enjoy what the club has to offer.


Moor on the River at Totnes

Members can apply for a river mooring - above the bridge, motorboats only. Below the bridge for sailboats and motorboats.


Boats up to 8m (26ft) can be accommodated, provided that they can sit on the river bed at low tide.


Winter Storage in Our Boat Park

Our boat park is just across the road from the river. The club can lift your boat into the water in the Spring and lift it out in the winter.


You can work on your boat in the boat park (water and power on tap) and park your car for free.


Enjoy the Social Side

We run many social events: from barbecues to quiz nights; from formal dinners to bring-your-own suppers; from rocking music nights to quiet Sundays.

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You Don’t Need a Motor Boat or a Sailboat!

..if it floats it's good with us. We have a number of kayaks for the free use by members via an online booking system.

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