The friendly boat club at the head of the Dart.

We encourage and support all sorts of boating from our base in Totnes.

The club has 55 moorings for members boats, with a clubhouse, a slipway and a pontoon.


There is also a club car park which makes for easy access to the river. In the winter the car park is available for boat storage.

Members can keep tenders on the clubhouse site or in the car park, where there is also canoe storage for members canoes and a number of canoes owned by the club and available for use by members.

The clubhouse has a bar and a sunny terrace overlooking the river and is the focus for many social activities, including summer barbecues, club meals, music nights and quizzes.

You don't need to keep a boat in Totnes to enjoy what the club has to offer.


Come and join us!

Read about the benefits of membership and find out how to join the club.

Members can pay here for moorings, boat storage, canoe storage, dinghy rack space and social events.

What facilities there are for boats and boaters. Download the "Ships Husbands Guide" and never be embarrassed again by a faux pas on the moorings.

The social calendar and how to be involved in the mad social whirl

See who does what on the committee, how to book the clubhouse for your private do, find that boring-but-important stuff like the club rules and bylaws, and our Data Privacy Policy.

There's a lorra lorra stuff here, the accumulated knowledge of 60 years of being a boat club. If you want to know the answer, this is where you ask the question.

This page is open only to members who have registered. You can find: Minutes of Committee Meetings; a list of members and their boats and moorings; the current state of the moorings waiting list; and the photogallery of past exploits and frolics.

A brief history of the club and a bit about the club in recent times.


Steamer Quay Rd,  Totnes.

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