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What is the strongest sailing knot for mooring? 


Round turn and two half-hitches is stronger than a bowline and can be untied under load, handy for mooring. A knot is the weakest point of any line, for a 14mm three-strand polyester breaks at 67% of max load.

Touted in the RYA’s Knots, Splices and Ropework Handbook as ‘one of the safest, secure and reliable knots you will ever use’, this is a general purpose knot used for fastening a line to a fixed loop, hoop, bar or bollard. Simple to tie and release on a line under load, it’s the RYA’s recommended knot for mooring.

Breaking point comparison table

Blue Painter's Tape: Forget old-fashioned masking tape. If it gets wet or remains in the sun too long, either you can't get it off, it leaves goo behind, or it takes some paint off with it when you remove it. The blue tape also gives you a finer edge.

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