Membership FAQs


What is theApplication process?

Anyone applying to join the club should do so on line from this link .  Applicants also need to visit the club and meet one or more members of the executive committee.  Applications are reviewed at the monthly executive meetings and after that the applicant will be informed and at that point be asked to pay the fees.  They then become full members.

Can I join without a boat?

If you do not have a boat, or if you have a boat but do not require use of our boating facilities, you are still very welcome to become a member and play a full part in the club. Apart from boating events (which you can still enjoy on someone else's boat), there are many social activities off the water. (Have a look at this year’s calendar of events).

How many Members are there?

Approximately 300 members.

Discounts available to members?

We do not have discount arrangements for members.  Some local boating suppliers do offer members a small discount.

What about younger members?

We offer reduced annual subscriptions for members between the ages of 18 and 26. Please ask.

What do I do if I have a complaint? 

Informally, you can talk to the Commodore or any of the Executive Committee.  If you want your complaint to be logged and/or you would like a written reply, you can write to the Club Secretary, who will ensure that your issue is raised at the next Executive Committee meeting, and will reply to you.


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