Committees Responsibilities FAQs

What committees are there?

The Executive Committee is elected by the membership and

  • implements the policies; and

  • manages the club and its affairs.

Currently this committee has nine members: President, Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Hon Treasurer, Hon Secretary, Chief Ships Husband, Wines Sec, and Publicity Sec. The Executive normally meet on the last Tuesday each month, excluding August, with a minimum of 10 meetings per year.

What meetings are held?

The following sub committees are elected by the membership. The chairperson of each sub-committee reports back to the Executive.

  • Finance chaired by the Hon Treasurer.

  • Boating facilities chaired by the Chief Ships Husband

  • Wines Committee chaired by the Wines Sec

  • Building Maintenance chaired by the Facilities Manager

  • Boating Activities chaired by the Rear Commodore

  • Publicity chaired by the Publicity Sec

  • Social Committee chaired by Vice Commodore


Who may attend what meetings?

All members are welcome to attend meetings of the Social Committee, but not other committee meetings. The Annual General Meeting may be attended by all members of the club.

If I come to AGM's will I be 'press-ganged' into joining Committees?

Members who come to AGM's will not be 'press-ganged' into joining Committees, however as the club is for the benefit of everybody, members are encouraged to become involved in support of the club in any way that they feel able to.



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