Boating Facilities

The club has a range of facilities for its members:

  • 55 moorings, 

  • slipway,

  • Storage for tenders in racks by the club house or in the boat park, 

  • Boat storage (summer and winter)

  • 7 canoes for use of members 

  • Pontoon and private launching



There are seven canoes available for members to use without charge:

  • one Canadian canoe,

  • one double kayak,

  • one double sit on kayak, and

  • four single sit on kayaks.


There  is a booking form here – please use the booking system even if you decide to go out at the very last moment. This means that other members know what is available, before they come down to the club.  And if you change your mind, please unbook yourself, so that the vacancy shows


Paddles are in the shed at the far end of the terrace, and the number on the padlock is the usual gate one.


The form shows where each numbered vessel is kept - please return to where it came from, and make sure paddles are locked back in the shed.

If there are any problems or issues relating to your booking or craft, please report to


We also welcome any feedback from you about this new system and the canoes.


Dinghy Racks 

There are 44 tender racks around the club house.  There is now a waiting list for those racks, with alternative storage available in the boat park.  All users of racks should put their boat name on a padlocked chain across their rack opening at all times.


Only Inflatable tenders are allowed on the Clubhouse Site. All tenders must be clearly named with your boat name (eg. "T/T Sunset") and display a current DHNA License sticker. 


Boat park 

During the summer, please park considerately in the boat park - leave enough room for members to remove tenders and canoes. Please put a notice in your windscreen saying when you will be back if away for a day or more.


If you have questions or problems regarding your mooring or the boat park, please contact the Ships Husband Team


Applications for moorings and storage – all applications for summer moorings and boat storage should be made on-line  here .

​ ​

Click here to read/download the Ships Husband Guide for boating Members. It promotes safe and careful use of the clubs boating facilities.


​For all Mooring & use of the Boat Park queries please contact Rod Edwards of the Ship’s Husband's Team.