Boating and Social FAQs

What are the usual club boating events?

The main boating activities held are: Craning boats In & Out; Opening Trip; Dartmouth July Weekend; Commodores BBQ down the river; Dartmouth Regatta; and ad-hoc trips to other harbours.

What other facilities we can use at other venues on the Dart?

Other boat clubs on the river generally welcome visiting members from the TBA, but this is at their discretion. Equally, we are very happy to welcome members of other boat clubs and marine organisations as our guests.

Can I learn how to sail or use a motor boat?

We do not offer official accredited training. Individual members are often free with their advice, but new members are advised to seek RYA-accredited training (or similar) in Brixham or Plymouth. The same applies to canoeing or kayaking, although there are clubs in Totnes that will help.

Social Activities

What social activities are there?

There are a variety of social events held throughout the year. Details are posted on the club notice boards and website. The main events typically are

  • Sunday Roast Lunch at the Clubhouse once a month during the winter.

  • Snacks served during bar hours every Sunday during the winter.

  • Valentines Night put on solely by the menfolk to treat the ladies. A sit-down meal with music.

  • Bingo Night.

  • Quiz Night.

  • Darts Night – competition organized by one of our members.

  • New Members Night – an evening to meet new members & answer any queries they may have.

  • Curry Night – a sumptuous meal put on by one of our members.

  • Annual  Dinner/Dance – a three course meal with live music or disco

  • Fitting Out Supper – a three course meal with dance music afterwards

  • Laying Up Supper – a three course meal with dance music afterwards

  • Christmas Draw

  • New Years Eve party – a three course meal and disco

See the More About Events web page for more detail of the main events.

How can I help?

All members are welcome to attend Social Committee meetings, at which we organise our events. Dates are published on club notice boards and the website. We are a “self-help” organisation, so if you wish to volunteer to help, this will be much appreciated.

What happens at clubhouse BBQ’s?

Once a month during the summer, the club provides an evening BBQ. Members bring their own food and cook it on the BBQ’s provided. The BBQ’ fires will be lit ready for cooking and it may be best if you bring a cooking utensil. There is a small charge. The bar is open.


Boating Facilities

Tell me about the Moorings?

We have moorings for 55 boats at Totnes, split into 3 areas: Mainstream (from the clubhouse to the bridge); above the bridge. The moorings in the Mill Tail are available to members, and are leased by Dart Harbour. Ask us how to get in touch with them. The charge for a Milltail mooring is slightly lower than the other two areas, because access is limited to a shorter period of the tide. All our moorings are “trots” requiring access by dinghy. Some of the moorings dry out at low tide.

What are the size limits?

We accept boats up to 8m in length. If your boat is longer, it may be possible to accommodate it, but that is not guaranteed – please speak to the Chief Ships’ Husband (CSH). For practical reasons, we do not accept catamarans or fin keels.

What period of time am I liable to have to wait and are you guaranteed a mooring once you have joined?

We try hard to accommodate every request for a mooring, providing the boat meets our criteria. In recent years we have not had to turn anyone away, but we cannot guarantee a mooring will be available for you until we see, at the start of each summer season, how many applications we have and how many moorings are free.  The smaller your boat is, the better your chances. Moorings for larger boats are always in demand and are allocated on the basis of length of membership. There is a waiting list system (new for 2021) which is published here.

What Winter moorings are there?

Winter moorings are available in the Milltail. Because of the risk of damage to boats and moorings, we do not allow boats to remain on moorings in the mainstream or above the bridge during the winter. Members not wanting a winter mooring in the Milltail must take their boat away or store it in our boat park over the winter.

Explain trot mooring and the warps?

A  “trot” mooring is one where the boat is secured by warps (ropes with shackles) to buoys fore and aft. The buoys are secured by chains to the river bed. You will need to access your mooring by dinghy.

Where can I store my boat?

We have storage facilities for about 60 boats in our boat park on the opposite side of Steamer Quay Road from the clubhouse.  There is electricity and water available, at no extra charge.

What is Boat Park security?

The boat park is fronted by high secure fencing, but it becomes less secure when the gates are unlocked. We have had instances of theft and vandalism and cannot guarantee security. Outboard engines are particularly vulnerable and you are strongly advised not to leave them on your boat over the winter.

What facilities are there in the boat-park?

We have electricity and water available in the boat park, at no extra charge. There is also much free advice offered by other members, some of which you may find useful!

What about boats on trailers?

If you have a TBA mooring you may leave your trailer in the boat park during the summer, without charge, with the permission of the CSH. Boats on trailers cannot be stored in the boat park by members after craning-in, as storage is at a premium.

Tender storage is available on the clubhouse site for inflatable’s only, and in the boat park for hard dinghies and inflatable’s. The storage charge in the boat park is 50% of that on the clubhouse site.

What insurance is compulsory?

It is a condition of using TBA moorings or boat storage that you have public liability insurance on your boat to a minimum of £3 million. This is standard cover within marine insurance policies. You will be asked to supply a copy of your insurance certificate with your mooring or storage application.

What other outside facilities?

In addition the boat park facilities mentioned above, we have water supply available on the clubsite for refilling of boat tanks, and a crane for lifting heavy items in or out of boats. The use of the crane is only allowed under qualified supervision. We have a slipway for dinghy access to the river, and this can also be used to launch smaller boats on trailers.

How do I use the club dinghy?

There are two club dinghies available for short term use by members to transport items to and from moorings, and for use by Ships Husbands when carrying out maintenance to moorings. Dinghies should not be removed from the slipway for more than a few minutes at a time, so that they are available for use by others. When tying up the club dinghies after use it is important to leave a long line so that the dinghy remains afloat in all tide conditions. The slipway should not be blocked.

What do I get when I pay for a mooring?

You get the right to moor your boat during the summer (and winter, for the Milltail) on the mooring allocated to you by the Ships Husbands.

You are guaranteed that the club will reserve a mooring for you as long as you remain a Full member, although this will not necessarily be the same mooring you start with.

All Dart Harbour and Navigation Authority mooring fees and harbour dues are covered, so you will have nothing extra to pay to DHNA. We will issue you with DHNA stickers for both your boat and tender - these must be prominently displayed.  (If you use visitors’ buoys or visitors moorings down the river, DHNA charge much more for boats not displaying stickers.)

What is the process to obtain a mooring?

As soon as you know you would like a mooring you should advise the Chief Ships Husband by phone or in writing, giving an indication of the type and size of boat. Your request will be noted and kept on a waiting list. In February each year, Mooring Application Forms are sent out to members by email, and are available behind the clubhouse bar. The completed form, insurance certificate and payment need to be sent to the Treasurer. In April we will publish a moorings chart, showing which moorings have been allocated to which boats. In the unlikely event that your request cannot be accommodated, your money will be refunded in full.

How can I get my boat in and out of the river?

If you have a trailer you can use our slipway or the public slipway next to the Dart/Totnes Rowing club about half a mile downstream or you can use our cranage facilities. Each spring and autumn we hire the services of a cranage company to lift the boats in/out of the water and onto trailers or into our boat park. This process normally takes two days. Members do much of the hard work involved to keep the charges down, so you are strongly encouraged to turn up and help. If you require cranage, you should fill in the appropriate section of the Summer Mooring or Winter Storage application form.


Clubhouse FAQs

Bar opening times?

The clubhouse bar is open

  • Friday evening 7 PM to 11 PM

  • Sunday lunchtime  12 AM to approx 3 PM.

  • Barbecue nights during the summer – usually a Wednesday – see noticeboard for dates.

  • some bank holidays and at Christmas,

  • during many club events.

Details of specific opening dates are posted on the notice board and website.

What clubhouse facilities may I use?

On completion of the probationary period, all members are issued with a swipe card key to open the main door onto Steamer Quay Road (one key per family).  Additional keys can be purchased if wanted.  The use of this key allows access to the toilets and shower at all times.  For security reasons, the doors to the kitchen and social area are kept locked except when the club is officially open.

Is it possible to bring guests to events?

Guests are very welcome at events provided they are accompanied by a member. Ticket prices for guests are higher than for members.

Smoking Policy?

In line with UK law, smoking is not permitted inside the clubhouse. Members are welcome to smoke outside, either along the river frontage, or on Steamer Quay Road.

Pet Policy?

Dogs are welcome inside the clubhouse, but we request that they are controlled and kept off the furniture.

Can I hold a private function at the club?

Members may book the clubhouse for private functions by contacting the Bookings Co-ordinator, who will supply an application form and other details. We do not accept bookings for 18th or 21st birthday parties.



What facilities are there for my family?

We keep a selection of toys for children in the social area, and there is a baby changing facility in the disabled toilet/shower. Children under 14 should not use the pool table.

What if I am disabled?

For disabled members access is provided to the clubhouse via a specialised access ramp at one end of the property. There is a disabled toilet for use when the clubhouse is open. At other times, there is a disabled public toilet within 100m of the clubhouse.

Who owns the Clubhouse?

The clubhouse is owned by the club; the site is leased from South Hams District Council.

What about parking on the clubhouse site?

In order to allow access for dinghies, parking on the clubhouse site is not permitted except during specific events. At the front of the clubhouse the public road has double yellow lines, but can be used by persons with a disabled parking permit. All parking is at entirely at owner’s risk.

What about parking in the boat park?

The Boat Park opposite the clubhouse is available for car parking (not caravans or camper vans) during the months when the boats are afloat. There is no additional charge for parking. Parking should not obstruct remaining boats, trailers or other cars. All parking is at entirely at owner’s risk.

Is there a dress-code in the Clubhouse?

Everyday clothes may be worn at the majority of events and normal club days/evenings. A few events will be publicised with advice of any specifically requested dress code. Dirty overalls and boots should be removed before entering the main room.

What insurance does the TBA hold?

The club has insurance for its own property and public liability insurance. It does not have insurance covering injury to members or damage to members’ property, except where negligence is proven.

Does the TBA support charities?

Each year the Commodore nominates a charity, usually a local one, that will receive profits from a number of social events that are run during the year, such as the quiz night. Previous charities have included: Devon Air Ambulance; Sailability (sailing for the disabled); Chernobyl Children’s Fund.


Committee responsibilities

What committees are there?

The Executive Committee is elected by the membership and

  • implements the policies; and

  • manages the club and its affairs.

Currently this committee has nine members: President, Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Hon Treasurer, Hon Secretary, Chief Ships Husband, Wines Sec, and Publicity Sec. The Executive normally meet on the last Tuesday each month, excluding August, with a minimum of 10 meetings per year.

What meetings are held?

The following sub committees are elected by the membership. The chairperson of each sub-committee reports back to the Executive.

  • Finance chaired by the Hon Treasurer.

  • Boating facilities chaired by the Chief Ships Husband

  • Wines Committee chaired by the Wines Sec

  • Building Maintenance chaired by the Facilities Manager

  • Boating Activities chaired by the Rear Commodore

  • Publicity chaired by the Publicity Sec

  • Social Committee chaired by Vice Commodore

Who may attend what meetings?

All members are welcome to attend meetings of the Social Committee, but not other committee meetings. The Annual General Meeting may be attended by all members of the club.

If I come to AGM's will I be 'press-ganged' into joining Committees?

Members who come to AGM's will not be 'press-ganged' into joining Committees, however as the club is for the benefit of everybody, members are encouraged to become involved in support of the club in any way that they feel able to.



How do I join?

Follow this link .  

Applicants also need to visit the club and meet one or more members of the executive committee.  Applications are reviewed at the monthly executive meetings and after that the applicant will be informed and at that point be asked to pay the fees.  They then become full members.

Can I join without a boat?

If you do not have a boat, or if you have a boat but do not require use of our boating facilities, you are still very welcome to become a member and play a full part in the club. Apart from boating events (which you can still enjoy on someone else's boat), there are many social activities off the water. (Have a look at this year’s calendar of events).

How many Members are there?

Approximately 300 members.

Discounts available to members?

We do not have discount arrangements for members.  Some local boating suppliers do offer members a small discount.

What about younger members?

We offer reduced annual subscriptions for members between the ages of 18 and 26. Please ask.

What do I do if I have a complaint? 

Informally, you can talk to the Commodore or any of the Executive Committee.  If you want your complaint to be logged and/or you would like a written reply, you can write to the Club Secretary, who will ensure that your issue is raised at the next Executive Committee meeting, and will reply to you.